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We produce high-quality, durable products with maximum quality and that together with local partners.

Pet stores are overflowing with auto-exchange scratching posts and cat accessories. Globalization, as in many other industries, has caused many local cat accessory manufacturers to stop producing in Germany. Instead, they have at some point started to stick their logo on imported goods and thus supply the trade. Mostly, the production takes place in the Far East, because for many customers it should be cheap above all. Therefore, even when it comes to cat furniture, often inferior materials are installed and used. Everyone knows the result: "Help, the scratching posts are completely through! The sisal starts to unwind. The cover looks like a pulled chicken." Not to mention the smell of the freshly unwrapped stuff.

So after a few years or even months, an average cat tree looks so bad that you have to replace it. This is based on the fact that it is usually difficult to repair a cat tree yourself, and unfortunately we now live in a throwaway society. All these circumstances led to the fact that the cat tree has become one of the most sold products in the pet market. Because even if the bulky furniture fits only very rarely optically and from the style into the own home, our pets need it urgently, in order to live out their natural courses of motion and behaviors. And who would want the expensive sofa to look like the cat tree otherwise. The result: you throw away the broken part and buy a completely new one. Of course, this fact also applies to all other frequently used items - cat beds, toys and scratching aids are bought, used up and disposed of in a chord.

However, this development is not healthy! We all know actually that cheap is not equal to cheap. Supposedly you save money with a cheap product, but at the end of a cat's life you have spent more money than if you had bought equal high-quality accessories. And one would have enjoyed in addition still another whole cat life at it. Not to mention the relief for the environment - because the cheapest materials are often also the most toxic.

The good things are back

In Deutschland und in aller Welt findet gerade eine dringend notwendige Nachhaltigkeitsdebatte statt. Junge Menschen gehen auf die Straße und begehren auf. Gegen die Auswüchse des Kapitalismus und der Globalisierung. Für unsere Umwelt und einen gesunden Planeten. Wir sehen, dass in der Gesellschaft ein Umdenken stattfindet – nicht überall, aber immer häufiger und in allen Ländern. Der Anspruch an den Konsum verändert sich vollkommen. Es soll so konsumiert werden, wie es unsere Großeltern früher auch getan haben. Der Gegentrend hat bereits in vielen Lebensbereichen eingesetzt. Qualität statt Billig. Lokal statt Fernost. Es gibt sie wieder, die guten Dinge! Überall entstehen neue Ideen nach alten Mustern, neue Marken und lokale Anbieter, die eine Alternative bieten. 

That's exactly what we want to achieve in the area of pet supplies - a change in thinking and consumption. In our own way. And with our philosophy for sustainability.


1. Durable products

We believe that our products must be robust. Cats, especially young house cats, have immense strength and endurance. A piece of furniture from LucyBalu must withstand these forces for a cat's lifetime. This is certainly not always possible with scratching elements or lying surfaces. Therefore, it is important that a cat accessory does not have to be completely thrown away when it wears out. For example, we make sure that our hammocks or felt pads can be easily replaced and exchanged - the frame, on the other hand, is durable and can be used for decades.


2. Locally produced

In Deutschland gibt es Produzenten, die äußerst zuverlässig und nach höchsten Qualitätsstandards arbeiten. Wir legen Wert darauf, mit eben diesen Produzenten zu kooperieren - denn wir wollen die lokalen Anbieter unterstützten und nicht in die großen Produzenten in Asien. Dadurch sind unter anderem unsere Lieferwege kurz, wodurch natürlich die CO2-Belastung durch lange Transportwege vermindert wird. Wir versenden zusätzlich mit DHL Green, um unseren Carbon-Footprint klein zu halten. Denn ja, auch wir sind besorgt über die Klimaerwärmung und möchten so viel wie möglich dazu beitragen, in unserem Rahmen dagegen zu wirken. 


3. High quality materials

Cats are our favorite animals. For our children, we make sure that diapers or toys are as natural as possible and that no harmful materials are used. After all, babies discover their environment with their mouths. With our fellow cat, our standards should be no lower. That is why we are convinced that natural and high-quality materials, such as wool felt, are better for our cats than, for example, plush made of synthetic fibers.

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