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What makes LucyBalu special?

We create timelessly beautiful cat furniture and accessories that will give you and your cat joy for a long time.

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Sustainably durable.

Nothing has to be more durable than your favourite belongings. To ensure that you can enjoy your cat furniture for a long time, we use good materials with high-quality workmanship. Elements that wear out quickly - for example scratching surfaces - can be replaced if necessary without having a whole piece of furniture ending up on the landfil. Of course, we make sure that our materials are healthy for cats, humans and the environment.

How it all started

It's the same with cat furniture as it is with cuddling cats: you need a certain instinct. And an idea of what cats actually like. LucyBalu has this intuition. After all, the company has its roots in creating cat furniture for an animal shelter. In addition, we constantly consult with veterinarians during product development.

LucyBalu x Choupette

How does a young cat interior start-up end up collaborating with the world-famous cat Choupette? Our personal story about the unusual collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld's cat. Take a look behind the scenes and follow us on our way to Paris.

Timelessly beautiful and high quality cat accessories

Wegwerfen war gestern! Die Zeit ist reif für high-quality cat accessories. After all, we love our pets. In Germany, there are more than 15 million domestic cats, in Europe even more than 100. And year after year, thousands of tons of inferior accessories for cats are imported from Asia.

Wir gehen einen anderen Weg und produzieren unsere sustainable cat furniture weitestgehend bei kleinen Manufakturen in Deutschland. Unser Ziel ist es, langlebige Möbelstücke für Katzen zu entwickeln. Die sehen nicht nur gut aus, sondern werden mit Tierärzten für das Wohlbefinden von Katzen gestaltet.

Entstanden ist unsere Idee übrigens ursprünglich für das Munich animal shelter. Heute erfreuen sich bereits tausende Katzen und Tierfreunde auf der ganzen Welt über Katzenzubehör von LucyBalu. Darunter sogar Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's world-famous cat, is among them.

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